About Us


Our business has been built on structuring products for our investors with clear risk and reward frameworks. Our focus is always on producing the best potential value for our clients with an emphasis on clear and concise product design.

Our offering covers a variety of objectives and roles within the investment landscape, we offer a wide range of structured investments that are tailored to meet the needs of all clients. No matter what product you choose, all of them come with the reassurance of knowing that IDAD is focused on our clients first – something that we refer to as The IDAD Difference.


The IDAD Group was established in 2002 and has consistently delivered high-performing structured investment solutions to wealth managers around the world.

Within the UK IDAD have specialised in structured deposits and plans, including bespoke solutions for an array of wealth managers and IFAs since 2017

Our UK team has over 100 years experience between them and are market leading in design, distribution, and product management


Clive Moore

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Thom Gascoigne

Head of UK Distribution

Andy Gibson

UK Sales Manager

Tom Shirley

Operations Manager

Steve White

UK Sales Manager

Paul Stadden

UK Sales Manager

Toby Wallace

UK Product Manager

Alicia Sims

Marketing Manager